Why do we need a crash reporter?


When i am developing, i often face a crash reporter instead of a normal error reporter. Why do we need to use it? For example, if you look at visual studio, it practically NEVER crashes, even if what i have written is in fact not code at all. But Epic choose that stupid window instead.

In that crash reporter, we can hardly see the proper description of an error, maybe only the problem file.


“Access violation …(first/second chance not available)”

error occurs at least in three situations, which are COMPLETELY different.

Besides that, if you didn’t save the project before performing crashing action, i won’t save anything, all your work becomes simply a waste of time.

Any ideas why do we we need to use crash reporter?

Because of crashes.
UE will crash if you write bad code and run it.

Besides, You can look at the log or use VS to debug the issue.
Just like you would do for any other software.

Because VS is not running your code.[1]
VS does crash, I have had it do that from conflicting/bad extensions running.

[1] Unless you have made a extension.


They designed it for you too rage even more.
It appears on almost every occasion and i even managed the crashreporter to crash one time.
And yes i have no idea what this thing is going to achieve as i always have only small clue of wtf just happened.

WIch means 90% of the error messages will be emty described XD

You may crash because you wrote invalid code which causes the program to terminate. This is up to you to debug and resolve.

However you also may crash because of the bug in the engine. Epic wants to know about these cases so that we can fix them. In these cases, please remember to provide detailed information about the actions you have taken, and always submit your Crash Reports. Epic’s Support staff actively watches incoming crash reports to watch for trending crashes and useful user-provided information. If we have enough information to reproduce the crash, then we can generally expedite a fix for it.