Why do plugins designed for a blueprint projects need a compiler to package?

I have various marketplace plugins. As far as I know, Epic’s intention is that precompiled plugins should package seamlessly with the project, but this very rarely seems to be the case. After all the binaries are part of the download.

I have to blow 10Gs of hard drive space just to have Visual Studio sitting there doing nothing. Because when it comes to build time, as far as I can see, VS doesn’t compile anything, it just writes a config file ( target.cs ).

Does anyone have any pointers on this? How to get projects that use plugins to package without needing VS?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This has been asked more times than how-to-cast, but I haven’t seen a single solution.:frowning: Does that mean its not possible, IDK, maybe someone on Discord knows??? But it sure kills the myth of Blueprint-only projects or making a game in BP only… :stuck_out_tongue: When you add that to the risk of relying on Plugins and the odds that creators get bored and leave the Marketplace, Plugins are a PITA… You can’t even package a project using Epic’s own built-in Plugins, such as Apex, WTF?

However, there’s always someone telling users to download VS Code anyway as its free. Its NOT free, it requires regular activation and contains invasive telemetry just like all of Microsoft’s sad products. But for some reason MS have become a darling of US congress and so get a free pass versus the other usual suspects like Facebook / Google. Finding an offline / standalone VS installer is also impossible now. :mad: But maybe someone can offer help with an alternative like CLion?

I saw something a while ago, where someone was thanking… it might have been Rama… ( or Rama thanking someone ) for suggesting add X to the plugin, which meant it would package without a compiler. But I have no chance of finding that.

I don’t even think VS is doing any linking, it just seems to fix a config file somewhere. Would be nice to know :-/