Why do physics objects disappear below the origin?

Every physics-enabled Actor that I create is automatically destroyed when it goes below the origin. Is this by design, or is it controlled by some setting?

Is Enable World Bounds Check enabled in World Settings? Also are you sure it is only physics actors being destroyed below the world origin?

I do not know how to change the bEnableWorldBoundsChecks setting, so it is presumably at the default value (which appears to be 1). Actors that do not have physics enabled can freely move below the origin. For example, my pawn is a flying ship, which can freely go below the origin if I use a MovementComponent and no physics for movement, but if I instead attempt to use physics for movement it displays the same behavior as other physics-enabled Actors.

Ok, go to Settings(from top menu bar) > World Settings and look for that option, then disable it. I’m not sure if this is the cause of the issue but it will help eliminate a possible cause at least. Let us know if it helps or not since what you are seeing isn’t expected behaviour.

Ah… Yes, that does seem to behave differently. I appreciate the help. If you put it as an answer I could accept it for you.

I am obviously just getting started in UE4, and was not aware of that setting. I have now found it in the documentation.

Thank you so much for your help, it is much appreciated.

No worries! Glad that it is solved. :slight_smile:

More info on this problem; you can actually prevent this by setting the KillZ value to a lower value(the border of your game world) as well. What Killzone does is it kills/deactivates whatever goes past below that so that the engine can ignore unnecessary calculations.