Why do my UE4 marketplace model packs keep being rejected?

I just recently tried to sell a model pack on the unreal marketplace which contains 14 meshes.

twice in a row I have gotten an email saying that my submission has been rejected because there is not enough content!

I have seen models on the UE4 marketplace that consist of 1 model only, so i’m wondering why my 14 models aren’t enough content…

I have searched the web for a few days now, but can’t find anything talking about how to actually submit assets!
if anyone could link me to a documentation, or explain how to do it, that would be awesome!

Hey UnoCoder,

I see your reply on the email case, sorry for the delay. I will be responding there soon with more info.


Any news bout that case ? I have the same Problem

Same here, I don’t understand why they don’t specify the reasons why they think it’s not enough content.

This is just a guess… but i think it depends if you’re calling something an environment then it might need more assets to be enough than calling something props. I had this happen to me once, but the email i got was pretty clear what was missed from the submission.