Why do I get darker shadows the higher the mesh is?


Another newbie here…sorry.

Can anyone let me know why the below happens? Its a new project with no startup content and it using the “Blank” setting when creating the project. If I add a standard UE4 cube into the level, both set to moveable, drag it up over 800 on Z, the shadow transforms to a solid black. But if I duplicate the same box and move it down a little the shadows change massively. I’ve rebuilt the lighting on production quality and still get the same results. Any ideas what is causing this?

Thanks. the screen shot shows that this might be the case, is there a way to increase this?

I guess the black one is outside of the lightmass importance volume so it is not using volume lighting samples. You can check that by enabling volume lighting samples in Show > Visualize.

The mesh has to be inside the lightmass importance volume first, but even that has a height limit as it takes bounced lighting into account. To compansate that you can use Lightmass Character Indirect Volumes wherever you dont get light samples. In your current setup it will have little effect though, which is quite normal since the only static mesh that bounces light is the grey floor.


Default new level has only Direction light. Add Sky Light and build light again. And do not forget add LightmassImportanceVolume. This is adds speed for lighting build.

Thanks, the LightmassCharacterIndirectVolume worked great