Why do blueprints act differently in the editor preview?

I’ve experienced this twice now on two different major projects (both Paper2D if that helps).

The physics, timing, line traces, everything acts completely differently in the editor than in the stand alone game. Is there a reason?

Non-editor build does not have editor code, for example they don’t have code that is made for development like debugging and monitoring code. That main reason why there difference in behavior. In this case each issue need to be treated individually there possibility some of them are bugs and not suppose to happen, so make more detailed question(s), whats so diffrent in physics, timing and line traces?

Thats why code should scale any per-frame data changes to delta time and code in engine do that and i don’t know what this has to do with line trace.

Because the framerate is by default uncapped in the editor but capped to 60 FPS outside it, which means things getting done every Tick are probably happening less frequently, especially for a Paper2D game or other one that’s capable of high FPS on a beefy machine (my game gets 115FPS in editor, capping it at 60FPS outside of it makes a LOT of stuff work differently).

Well it depends on the trace. If he does a trace outward from base to tip of an axe every tick to detect hits, he gets half as many traces and it appears as though the trace no longer works properly; I ran into that exact same problem! And its not as though delta time compensation can fix the number of traces…

This is exactly one of my problems.