Why did you choose Unreal Engine?

Now I’m planning to move from Unity3d to another engine. I choose between CryEngine and Unreal Engine. And why did you choose the UE4? What are the main aspects in it you liked?

Personally, I’m attracted to UE4: cross-platform, flexibility, pretty realistic graphics, lots of useful tools, good multiplayer, visual creation of materials, editor of UI.

In Cryengine: animation system, also beautiful graphics, good optimization, good AI, Game SDK project), already ready and optimized systems: time of day, ocean, river tool, global elumination, clouds. And also, the gigantic plus of krengin is excellent physical water.

And what are the pros and cons of you?
Waiting for your answers)

If that, do not swear at punctuation: it was translated by Google translator from Russian.

It’s very powerful, artist-friendly front end, and honestly I grew up on Unreal Tournament and I’ve always loved how Unreal games feel during gameplay.

Does CryEngine have much of a future? It’s my understanding that the company isn’t doing so well.

Like Bevman I grew up playing UT and became familiar with the editor through their provided tools. I also think UE4 is the best looking engine out there, but maybe I’m biased due to my history with it. In my opinion it’s also incredibly easy to use. =)

Because Blueprints, and it’s free.

I tried CryEngine first, but couldn’t get into learning it. The documentation/support just wasn’t there, but Unreal had loads of stuff on YT, the online docs and the game templates. Also, Blueprints is a Godsend, as I have no intention of learning C++. (But if I had picked Unity, I would have learned C# as I know Java, and the two are similar in structure).

I imagine most people picked an engine because they wanted to create something, and saw something that inspired them to try the engine used to build it. If you got on with the engine, then you stayed with it. If you couldn’t, then you tried another engine. Repeat, until you find an engine you get on with. :slight_smile:

Quality, blueprint scripting and much more user friendly.

Ive been out there before and didn’t like, now Im here (activelly since 2016, but experimenting since 2014) and I’m liking, not leaving anytime soon, even more after the showcases at this year’s GDC,

World class graphics, zero barrier of entry (does not need any $$$ before games is successful), come with all source code and good community. And blueprint - enable anyone to get started very fast.

Second that, it is worth to learn engine that has zero entry fee and open code and pay to EPIC when you really produce something with success. I currently only make tests, tests, tests… and more tests to get know what is what and how things work and read articles and so on.