Why Destructible Meshe Explodes when my character collides?

Greetings fellas! I wasted all my afternoon trying to adjust my destructible mesh, and still I haven’t achieved my desired result =( I watched the tutorial “destructible mesh”

destructible mesh I did everything this tutorial said, and also have searched on dozens of topics and thereads, but still the same.

All I want is to explode my destructible mesh when I hit it with my sword. (It is happening, but I want to set up my puppet to explode after 4 or 5 hits). However, everytime when I collide my chracter with the puppet, it also explodes. I don’t want to simply touch and make it to explode. Maybe I could create a blue print for the puppet and set a life for him, or what shpuld I do?

What is wrong? I will show my blue print and all the stuff Hope someone could enlighten me =]


I made a blue print for my destructible mesh too