Why... Dear god why... No shopping cart or wishlist?!?

There is no form of wishlist for the marketplace, or a shopping cart. Meaning if you want a marketplace asset but don’t have the money for it right now, you have to write down the name of the product and search for it again later. And god help you if you want to buy multiple items at once, because you can’t, you just can’t. Why did they set it up this way? I needed over 8 items for my account amounting to about $300. Instead of putting them all into a cart and buying them all at once, you have to buy each one separately. Which in my case sets off my card’s fraud prevention. Meaning… I have to call the bank at 1AM bug the people to take the block off my account and continue shopping, more than a little annoyed at this point. How hard could it possibly be to set up a freaking wishlist and shopping cart?!? Please fix this. Please…

Hi rollybob,

Thank you for your suggestion. This is something that we are working towards implementing. Unfortunately, I don’t have a time-frame of when the functionality will be implemented, but it is a feature that we are working towards.