Why can't the game module be found?

No entiendo???


Hey slam,

You might need to redownload the project. There may be a corrupted or missing file from your initial download.

Let us know if that worked!

Ben Halliday

You need to compile the c++ code(if it has any) for samples before you run them.

If there is no solution file, make a .bat in the folder with your .uproject folder and add something like the following

call "%~dp0..\..\UnrealEngine\GenerateProjectFiles.bat" "%~dp0StrategyGame.uproject" -Game -Engine

Personally I’m using a relative path for the the .bat file, you’ll probably want to use an absolute path. Also, If you’re just compiling the game code and aren’t modifying the engine code, you can skip adding the “-Engine” parameter.

NO, continua igual todos los juegos que descargo del MarketPlace que contienen código C++ me hacen lo mismo. Estoy utilizando UE4 desde el codigo fuente en la unidad D y los proyectos bajan a la unidad C.

Aun continua diciendo lo mismo :


Are you trying to run the Strategy Game using the 4.1.0 preview by any chance? If so you need to re-compile it using the preview build.

In order to associate your .uproject files with the 4.1.0 preview build, go to “UnrealEngine-4.1.0\Engine\Build\BatchFiles” and run “RegisterShellCommands.bat” as administrator.

When you right click your .uproject file and choose “Generate Visual Studio Files”, the produced .sln is now associated with the preview build. Once you successfully build Shooter Game using “Development Editor” and “Win64”, you should now be able to open it with 4.1.0.

I hope this helps.