Why cant i see the Paragon Fey skeletal mesh when launching on mobile android

The Paragon Fey character looks fine on the viewport and PC but when launching on android it is not visible.

Same goes with Desert Dragon pack on Epic store.

What is the cause of this? Is it material? Is it possible to user these characters on mobile?


It possible that Paragon model are too high tris, you could mess around with the lods to reduce the tris

There’s a limit of Bones for Mobile which is at 75. Instead of failing, skeletal meshes with higher number of bones just do not get rendered.
You might check logs for messages like this:

LogSkeletalMesh: Warning: Skeletal mesh SkeletalMesh /Game/Lady_01/Lady_01.Lady_01 has a LOD section with 94 bones and the maximum supported number for feature level ES3_1 is 75.
!This mesh will not be rendered on the specified platform!

At least for the Desert Dragon - this has 96 bones… not sure about Fey…

There has been some discussion on raising this limit here

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Thanks a lot. Learned something new. Removing some bones renders the target.