Why can't I get a reference to this component?

The situation is I need to access a component in an actor bp from within the third person character bp.

I need this reference for an overlap check / action.

The camera actor BP is just an actor BP with a camera, and an attached cube called “moving cube”.

I tried to get a reference to the component using the code below.

But I keep getting “accessed none” errors.

So I did a cast to the camera actor , which interestingly enough I get a choice of two yet only one exist.

And off that cast, get a reference to the component, plug that into an Is Overlapping Component node, and to a branch, and it is accessing none.

Why? What do I need to do here? Thanks.

If I choose that first camera actor to cast to, I cannot “get” the component and connect to it. Just something to note.

If I got this right, the blueprint you posted is the character blueprint, right?
If that’s the case, you cannot cast “self” to the CameraActor, because “self” would be the character.
Or am I getting this wrong?

The thrown error comes from trying to access the component from the cast pin. But you attempt it before you cast via Print. It will never work - it’s a classic order of operations issue.

Besides that, Get Parent Actor fetches an actor created by a Child Actor Component. Is this valid here to start with? Is the Camera Actor instantiated by a CAC? Have a look at the tooltip of that node.

How are things parented in this example. What’s the hierarchy of this parent?