Why can't i enter a self-made FBX building?

Hey, i made a castle in autodesk maya and exported it to fbx, when i imported it i de-select import as skeleton and i changed the scale, now when its imported and i play the level i cant even come close to the building, i cant enter it and cant even touch, how can i fix this problem, also when i import it, UE will give a message that i havent enabled the smoothing options, im gonna ask that at the Autodesk site.
i hope i was clear with my story and if you want some further explanations or anything just contact me.
i hope that a solution will be found!!!
thx anyway

I would suggest taking a look at the default collision that was set up for the FBX object when you imported it. More than likely the default collision is treating it as a “simple box” hence you cannot get close to it, because of the “collision” of the box.

If I remember correctly, if you double click on the imported mesh, it will open up the editor for the mesh, and there are options in the new editor that is opened up, to see the Collision area, and to also have the editor, change to a different collision “model”.

Have a great day,