Why can't I build the UE4.18 with VS2019

I am trying to build UE4.18 from source code using the command GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2019


WARNING: No Visual C++ installation was found. Please download and install Visual Studio 2015 with C++ components. ERROR: Visual Studio 2015 must be installed in order to build this target.

while I have VS2019 Installed and already have 4.26.2 build from source.
For some reason I need 4.18 from source build because from the launcher 4.18 is removed and I have only 4.18.3 along with other versions.

and if possible please explain that special reason why 4.18 is removed? Since it was the most stable and perfect version.
One of the most powerful feature that in 4.18 you can add all old and new version of project .uasset files using content folder copy/paste method… I never see universioned error in 4.18