Why can't I bind my event to my button's OnClicked?

I’m populating a scroll box with buttons, creating one button for every record in my database. After each button is creating, I’m trying to configure it so pressing that button fires an event in my HUD manager and displays data specific to that button’s record.

Pursuant to that I created a new event, CharacterButtonPressed, and hooked all of the unique logic to it (locate the record from its reference, find the UMG widget to send that data to, etc). However, I find myself completely unable to get a reference to that event that the button’s BindEventtoOnClicked will accept:

So am I doing something really obviously wrong here? It seems really straightforward, but I’m obviously missing something.

Add custom event, then bind that to OnClicked which you should wire into the Character Button Pressed function

That’s what I’m having trouble figuring out how to do; in my main HUD blueprint I have a custom event named CharacterButtonPressed, which I’m trying to bind to the OnClicked in a child object’s button, but the wires aren’t compatible; looking at the screenshot in my OP, I don’t see any option on the CharacterButtonPressed I could use to get the delegate ref OnClicked needs.