Why can not I connect to the Listen server?

I am sorry that I borrowed the power of translator because I can not speak English well first.

I try to connect to IP by console command after I receive input IP.

The computer has a desktop A that is hooked up to the router.
And notebook B that tethered the mobile phone.

IP is accessed by entering an external IP.

If A becomes a listening server and B becomes a client
The connection from B to A is successful.

However, no connection from A to B was made.
Both the off and on state of the firewall were the same.

What are the possible reasons for this?
I can not find a solution and leave a question.


Try and check the router to make sure ports are open 7777 and 7778.

How are you testing the connection?
Ie how do you tell that it works one way but not the other?

Cheers, Fred

I recommend using the Online Session Nodes to create, look, join, and destroy sessions: