Why can I stretch a Widget button / image ect no prob, but not for scroll box's / items in scrollboxs?

Just trying to add some code that allows me to stretch and enlarge my UMG Widget BP, and I have done so pretty easily by just stretching the entire canvas…Except the scrollbox. The scrollbox is hell.

ALWAYSSSSSSSSS an issue in some regard. Sometimes it feels like I’m only stretching a facade of the scroll box, as in the image stretches but the actual position / scale / ect does not change.

Sometimes Ill stretch the canvas and then the scrollbox and the items within become unclickable.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Does someone know something I do not?

Maybe its been hard coded, you can see this headache also in the Details panel in the blueprints when you stretch that window,
the text fields won’t expand. EVER… And I also have to shift the window over when selecting a event because all those
huge Green mouse Buttons block off half the text on the events list… If its been hard coded you probably need C++ to
change it.

I see, well that sucks, my C++ is a little rusty but ill give it a crack!

Thanks. At least I have an answer now.

This makes little sense, @**AXlOM - **could you describe your issue in a bit more detail. What you want is mostly likely 2 clicks away.