Why are the shadows on all my tree meshes getting pitch black when I add another?

Having an odd issue whenever I add another tree to my instanced foliage. Once I add one, the rest of the trees of the same type have their shadows go pitch black. All lights in the level are set to movable and the meshes are set to movable as well. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is this actually a bug?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Do they still look like that if you play in editor?

Yes, it does this in a new window, standalone game, and in editor.

Hi MooMooMoo,

If you’re using only Movable lighting the shadows should be Black like that since there is no Dynamic GI for them. After you paint all your trees try and build lighting to clear any previous light builds and all the shadows should be black on the trees now.

If you need bounce lighting to provide lighter shadows you would want to look into using a Stationary light to get a combination of static and dynamic lighting.

Thank you!