Why are the kite demo deers flying?

After I’m finally able to fly through the kite demo without getting headaches from low fps, I quickly noticed this, and I recorded it:

What is happening there? I don’t have enough RAM to open the kite project and see myself, so I can only guess. The kite deers surely use the character movement component, and as far as I know it traces down to hit the ground. If it does not hit the ground below it’s capsule, the char is falling. The deers are not falling, but they are really high in the air. So what is the problem? Any ideas?

I also saw herds of deer running in mid air during my journey through the Kite Demo, I’d like to know this as well.

Hmm it could be that the landscape collision is messed up a little bit :smiley:

this is what happens when santas helpers leave the gate open

or its landscape collision going on a rampage

Hehehe, yep that could also cause this problem XD