Why are the Emmisive colors on textures not appearing correctly?

Hi Guys!
I have a question, or maybe a submission for an update to version 4.3
Creating textures, and learning from Zack’s video “Unreal Engine 4 Materials 6 Commenting and Enhancing Materials” I noticed that for getting emmisive color to shine on my texture is not working for me properly:

But, it is working for me when I changed my material blueprint to this:

Now, my project deals mostly with texture sizes from 128x128 to 256x256, so I’m only quessing I’d have to use larger sizes as Zack’s video (brobably) shows, but for smaller size I had to change it.
So, if texture sizes are the problem here, is there also another way of dealing with this problem that I’m not aware of (?), or maybe you guys could do an update to this, the next time it is available.


Hi rjvm!
Thanks for explaining it to me… but I do have a hard time trying to understand it.
My example has all three textures with same sizes. Unless emmisive texture colors work best with high resolution, I still would like to find a better way of handling this with smaller scale textures… specially for mobile program / game creation.

I think I understand.
Thank you!

on the textures have to be equal in size and comes to you when the same texture, do not run it at first because I need a mask or an alpha texture where only locate the emisive normal texture. noe s the network you choose will elect the texture that you have red but the network so full texture that shines almost all fall into RGB.

:slight_smile: a pleasure, ok but resolucione and textures made ​​for mobiles, which is exactly what happens