Why are our building windows with transparency disappearing at distance?


So on any of our buildings that have windows with transparency we are getting this weird artifacting. Some of the windows are disappearing. We have all Mipmaping and all LODs turned off.

In the attached image

Buildings 1,3,4 have a simple material with less that 1 opacity on them.

Building 2 has a material that has no transparency on it.

Building 3 is showing the weird artifact coming in half way.

Do you happen to know what is causing the artifacting on building 1 and 3 that is making some windows disappear or turn white?

Or if there is a bias or some setting we can change to make it not do that at a distance?

Any help is greatly appreciated

Is it your material? Do you have any processing based on camera distance?

Have you tried it with a really basic glass material?

Hi hi. And yup. These are with a super basic opaque and translucent materials.
1,3,4 have the translucent and 2 has the opaque material. Nothing except color value in the opaque and opacity value in the translucent.
What we are seeing come through is geometry just behind the windows when the windows dissapear for some reason. So I think it might be a zdepth thing? Not certain though.

It can be a z-fighting issue, there is a limited depth precision which is based on the range/size of things in your scene. So if those are very big and far away then surfaces that are close to each other can end up at the same depth and you would get Z-fighting.