Why are my sword attacks not working?

Hello i am still very new to unreal engine but i decided to make a project based on a game my friend and i designed. It’s a sword based game so the combat working is a rather big part of the game. I would rather stick with blue prints because i don’t know any C++, and if there is a better way to do what i am trying to do in the visual scripting please tell me.

Now my problem is i want the player to be unable to move while the attack animation is playing so they can’t slide around but i cant get that to work. Well it works for one of the four attacks for whatever reason. The left attack works properly but the others do not.

blueprint class:
Screenshot (1).png

animation blueprint:
Screenshot (3).jpg

I have it set up so hitting a toggle button will target lock (but i don’t have that yet) and switch so that mouse movement will cause the corresponding attack animation to play while also setting a variable that toggles the movement of the character.
The part with the delay is for when the player lands so they can’t slide around right when they land.

Also if it is possible i would like it so that the mouse doesn’t half to keep moving through out the entire animation, like it does now. I would like it so that the mouse just has to swipe in a direction to get the attack going because right now it needs constant input or it will just stop the animation when the mouse stops moving.