Why are my shadows moving/breaking on a simple asset as I zoom out?

Hello. I am running into an annoying lightning issue with some relatively simple assets. For my end purposes, I need to use nanite with the meshes, but I have tried both with/without nanite and the issue remains the same.

When I am zoomed in close, the lighting and shadows look pretty good:

When I zoom out a little, you can see light starts to bleed through the geometry on the left:

As I continue zooming, the issue gets worse:

I’m feeling like I’m spending all my time chasing my tail trying to get super basic stuff to look somewhat decent and can’t spend any time actually building anything.

Does anyone know what the issue is here and how I might be able to fix it?

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Been talking with folks in the Discord and still struggling with this issue. I found an example that I believe illustrates how lighting should be working, and I will simply post my recent discord chat here:

Really getting frustrated at this point.