Why are my Blueprints showing as Corrupted?

Hello, I have been getting a corruption problem the last 2 days. Currently I’m working on a blueprint which communicates with the Controller blueprint (All of this using the Top Down Template - example map).
The error wont let me open my project, crashing the editor, following advise from other threads i isolated the problem to the “pushable” blueprint, so i took it out of the project folder and was able to load the editor. then i erased most of the calls to said BP (bp interface casting BASICALLY) and put back the file into the project folder with the editor still opened. Then reinserted all of that i erased previously and got it working again.
however i have to do this every time i close and relaunch the editor. currently I’m using version 4.2.1

any help would be really appreciated. thanks

Blueprints and logs with errors

Blueprints no errors

EDIT: it seems this problem is solved in current 4.3.0 version available on github