Why are my AO shadows disappearing?

I turned ambient occlusion on in my PP settings, and it generates a nice, thick shadowy haze at my floor and ceiling intersections that I like the look of. However, if you look at the space where the doorframe in the foreground meets the walls in the hallway, you’ll see a patch of un-shadowed floor where the AO just disappears:

AO 1.png

It seems to disappear whenever I occlude the mesh generating the effect, or even when one mesh just gets too close to it, and it’s really distracting in motion:

So is there an obvious setting (or lack of a setting) that would be causing this? It can’t possibly be the intended default behavior…

That’s how screen space ambient occlusion works. That’s why by default it’s not large and fuzzy.

If you are using light mass you can just have light mass generate AO and turn off the AO post processing. Or if you are making a more graphically demanding game you can use distance field AO which isn’t a screen space effect and works better for larger scale ambient occlusion.

Ooh okay, I had no idea… I figured the really big, fuzzy look was an acceptable use of the effect, switching over to DFAO looks slightly less snazzy, but completely gets rid of the visual weirdness- thank you for the suggestion! :slight_smile: