Why are materials appearing as noise pattern?

I’m new to Unreal, and I’m working with a purchased template. The floor material was a Megascan surface material, but when I replace that material with any of the ones that I downloaded from the Unreal Martketplace, all I get is a black and gray noise pattern. The textures work fine on any of the primitive shapes in unreal, but not on the floor, which only seems to accept Megascan surface materials. Does anyone know why that might be?
I’m attaching a screenshot that shows the corner of a cube and the floor both with the same marble texture on them. As you can see, the texture works on the cube but not on the floor. Thanks!

You’re seeing an uncompiled material here. It’s basically this, but very up-close:

Is this per-chance the floor in the first person example map?

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Thank you, ClockworkOcean! You’re right, that’s what it was. When I opened the file this morning, it worked fine, so I don’t know why they wouldn’t compile yesterday. Very strange, but all’s good now. I can still see the uncompiled texture for a second, but then it loads right in. No, it wasn’t the first person example, it’s a purchased Aximmetry template that I’m editing in UE. A few odd problem with it because of that, so maybe that’s part of what was wrong before.