Why am I having lighting problems with my mesh?

hey Guys , I have this problems with lighting …
its far better when I test it in normal map lighting , but when I make it to run for Mobile it gets far worst . please take a look at the images below :

files are exported as ASE from 3dmax and they are made with boolean methods which I hear may cause problems , if someone knows the fastest way to fix it , we are kinda in a rush ,
thanks a lot .

Hi impedram,

Do you have lightimap UV’s in a separate UV channel? Also, are you using the correct smoothing groups on your models? Try softening the edges on the flat faces.


That looks an awful lot like z-fighting, do you have duplicated geometry on top of eachother?

Hi Impedram,

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However, looking at your mesh this looks like you need to fix your UVs for channel 1 and add lightmap channel for UV channel 2. Make sure there is no overlapping geometry in your UV channel 2 for the lightmap and that you’ve upped the lightmap resolution from the default 32 to something higher (ie. 64, 128, 256, 512)

Thank you!