Whos fault is this ? ''Texture streaming pool over''

How to solve this ? What if i increase this pool ammount? Will it affect my game ? What will be changed ?

I have this too, rarely if ever do I see it and without binging for it I’d have zero clue what to do, so ls see advice fro reddit below:

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Because, it is really messed up and has been for several versions. You can rebuild texture streaming pools under the build menu. Or what I do, is in my project engine.ini file, I add, under rendering r.streaming.poolsize =1024 this size can be increased though I wouldn’t go over 2048. Basically what is happening is the streaming poolsize is very small by default. So, only so much memory is dedicated to streaming textures. It will start reducing the lod on the textures the more you add in any given area, increasing it allocates more memory to the stream. "

I’ll be trying it and if you haven’t seen this yet,I’ll post results or verify.

Also go under Build menu> build texture streaming ,first and see if that helps :wink:

Man,I can not stream textures.When i try this my engine crashes.It means my graphic card isnt enough for this.And yes, i use gt9800. You can laugh on me but i want to make a game.

Streaming size has to do with the amount of GPU memory, so yeah if you have a GT9800 then you don’t have enough GPU memory.

You can still code the game, wait until it’s all almost complete and pass it on to someone with a proper system to actually do the final build… I dont necessarily see the GFX as a limitation.
If anything it will force you to pre-optimize things for a lower end system…

So i need copy this project and transfer to other one computer ? Then get it back ?

depending where you live, getting a faster videocard/whole system shouldnt be that expensive. You don’t need the best of the best, but if you are even remotely invested in game dev, even as a hobby, invest in the tools you need to make it fun. the 9800gt is 11 years old now, even a GTX 660 (around $20-$70 AUD) on ebay is 3x-5x more powerful than the 9800gt, with 2x the vram.