Who would I need, and what role would I be considered as?

First off, before I get to the main part of this topic, I need to clarify some things, I cannot do any programming, art, music, sound or level design of any kind nor am I a leader (Not 100% true, I have created levels in Doom Builder 2 and Trench Broom, but I’m never satisfied with what I create, so I end up scrapping the whole thing, and I can create music, but like the levels i create, I’m never happy with what I make so I scrap it), but I am more than capable of formulating ideas and concepts.

So let’s say I wanna make a game using a modified version Quake 1’s engine, who would I need to make this game a reality(I know I’ll need a developer, artist and musician)?, also given what I noted in the previous paragraph, what role would I be considered within the game development scene?

Also while talking game development, assuming I’m going for 90’s game design specifically there being ”Episodes/Chapters” and more of a focus on Gameplay than Story give or take, on a rough estimate, including, Promotion, Marketing, etc(USD and AUD)

Useless to irrelevant to a distraction tbh.:stuck_out_tongue: Study the links here to see why.:wink:
Level design / music not good enough? Let devs here judge or work harder!
Game work is highly practical. Bring real skills or go take up something else.
Quake engine is legendary but its better to learn UE4 and build a retro game.

Your role would be Investor because that is the only thing that would attract developers when you don’t have any game developer skills other than “idea guy”. Every developer have a great idea but ideas are worthless until they are realized.

You basically have two options. Bring the money or join a team as a developer that builds something concretely.