White Edges on brushes by dynamic lighting


if I set the directional lighting (sun) to movable or cascaded shadows (dynamic lighting) I get some white edges on brushes.

It seems that the light of the directional lighting is going through. See pic. These white edges are only seen in some distance, in near they are gone, I think in the near switches the engine to a better shadow resolution / lightmap. If the directional light is static, the white edges doesn’t come.

I have a workaround with building a second wall on the brushes. Is there a better way get rid of these white angles?

Hi wARmAcH1n3 -

This is a known issue which we are striving to correct as we continue to develop and improve the lighting and rendering in the engine. Normally I would begin by saying check your Lightmap layout, but if Static Lighting removes the light leak areas then your light map is setup correctly. I would recommend also having a look at this post from another user’s question, here. Although your currently workaround seems to be the best solution so far.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

I’m glad your team is working on. Static meshes (at least the boxes from the fps template) are not shadowed too in distance.