Which way should I choose for Downloading unreal engine 4.7.2

Hi everybody;
For (downloading unreal engine 4.7.2)… I would like to know what is the deference between using the Launcher and GitHub…!!?
Which one should be easier; takes less time; causes less pain… especially for those (like me) with slow internet connection…!!?

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Use the launcher
Github is for the current source code, which you would have to compile yourself

Launcher all the way!

Binary if you don’t need the source :slight_smile: Github is only really used for source code / Adding custom features to the engine .etc

Github would result in editing the program making it corrupt, or doing damage to your device accidentally if you dont know what your doing, but otherwise it void the EULA(End User License Agreement) which you would have to pay to a lot of money to get out of trouble to the court or go to jail, yes even in some countries the death penalty still applies.

No idea what the above is about, but its not true. Please read KitatusStudios and others advise as that is correct.

Many thanks for your time and advices :slight_smile:
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Depends, do you want to build stuff for 64 bit Windows? You will need to build from source. If you don’t need 64 bit, then you can use the launcher. Perhaps one day we’ll get an option to download the binary from the launcher, as I have no idea what I’m doing with the Git-stuff :\

Speaking of which, if I compile the source, will it show up in the launcher? Or do I need to run it using VS from then on?

In fact; I would like to be able to build for all… (64 bit Windows, 32 bit Windows, Android, Html5, and finally ios)…:slight_smile:

Sorry; I don’t have the answer… but
After I had; successfully downloaded the UE4.7.2 (Using launcher), now there is a yellow button (Launch Unreal engine 4.7.2)…
I found this release had been installed in C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.7]…
My best wishes for all :slight_smile:

You can right click your uprojects to choose the self build engine, and I made shortcuts to UE4Editor.exe on my desktop.

How one associates building the UE4 source code to death penalty is beyond me. Well… it does take long. I heard rumors of ppl dying on boredom, but it is a bit harsh to call it death penalty. :smiley: