Which Visual Scripting tool to learn?

Hey guys, I want to get into gamedev but I have no / minimal programming knowledge. Which engine / tools would you recommend for a beginner to learn?

I’m contemplaining between Construct 2 (I’ve already used it for a while, it’s very easy to get into and very intuitive but 2D only and doesn’t export to a lot of platforms), Unity + Playmaker / Bolt / Other assets (no experience whatsoever) and Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire Unreal Engine 4 + Blueprints (seems like a good option since you don’t necessarily need to drop money on assets like in Unity and is probably more beneficial to learn long-term compared to C2).

What do you guys think?

Sorry if this gets asked a lot and I appreciate any help whatsoever! :slight_smile:

First I moved your topic to better place.

You did not include one very important information. That is why you want to learn programming.

If that is for hobby i suggest blueprints and unreal, simply because you have everything in single package and i think it (unreal) will become industry standard soon. Epic recently is simply on the ball and they keep rolling.

If that is to expand your CV a bit then again blueprints (most probably industry standard in near future). If you are artist and learn C++ never mention that in CV for some reason managers/recruiters are afraid of too smart people.

Now if you want to be professional programmer then drop all that nonsense of graphical scripting and learn C++ from beginning. Also as programmer forget about game industry, it is in ruins
ot worth time. As programmer you get much better money and job stability elsewhere, then you can have unreal as hobby. And coding is about same no matter if you make game or some application for bank. For programmer dresscode (or rather lack of it) is all that matters really, and quality of CAFE.

In banking, multiplayer/networking considerations definitely overlap, but so much else doesn’t.
So yes and no: Game dev has very little in common with application-dev / platform-dev overall…
Its a highly specialized Art-form plus API, and is more about smoke and mirrors, than anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

The OP question is more about choosing one game engine over another than they realize tho…
Instead of asking which scripting tool, ask which game engine is best for your particular game.
The problem with that tho, is the answer will vary depending on ‘which forum’ you can ask it on…

Plus the reality is: Unity-C# is a really just a scripting language already. See Unity’s magical update methods etc.
Blueprints are stable/look great. But you can’t use BP everywhere as not everything is exposed functionality-wise.
How about Playmaker / Bolt? You’d need a Unity specialist to say whether one or other has more exposed vs BP.
And none of these will get you to a good place long term. Agree with Nawrot: Learn C++. Lumberyard uses it too!

Playmaker is yet another VM on top of Unity C# (bad idea).
Bolt apparently compiles nodes down to Unity C#.

Blueprints compile to VM which can be converted to CPP.

If the idea is “just make a game” then I would use Blueprints.
​​​​​​​If the idea is becoming a pro programmer I would learn C# + C++ and forget about making a game for a few years. Focusing on the “pure languages” instead.