Which version of Blender's FBX exporter are you using ATM?

A question to fellow Blender users:

Are you using the “FBX 7.4 Binary” or “FBX 6.1 ASCII” exporter for your animations?

I ask this as there’s issues with FBX 7.4 that have already been reported in detail in these threads: (mont29 from Blender foundation reports this bug to Epic here) (Detailed technical discussion on Blender’s developer forums)

To summarize the issue from those threads - animations for bones that are offset from the parent in Blender don’t maintain the offset when they’re imported into Unreal. Specifically, this issue happens only when the parent bone has some keyframes animated in it and if the the offset itself is a vertical offset (thanks to DyotoOrion for the latter observation). The workaround is to use FBX 6.1 for exporting. I’m not too keen on the workaround as it feels like a step backward to continue using the old exporter especially at a time when FBX import/export is getting some good attention in Blender.

Hopefully this provides enough context for my inquiry. So basically I want to understand if most people are using 7.4 and are seeing no issues OR if they have fallen back to 6.1 ASCII on account of it, in which case we should follow up closely with Epic and/or Blender Foundation to figure out who actually needs to fix this bug as that’s unclear right now.