Which technology is more in demand?

Hey guys,
I am a media student who found out in the middle of my university program that I want to program. My university program doesn’t offer many programming related courses, switching subjects was not an option anymore, so I taught myself C++, C#, and Javascript over the years.
My problem is now that I would like to focus on a specific framework and become proficient with it. I know Unity and Unreal an I am at a point where I feel like I need to choose one and focus more on it to have higher job chances. And this is where my question comes in.
An unbiased opinion, which technology offers more jobs and perspectives? Especially since I have no CS degree and only a semi-related one (I still know about algorithms, processors, memory and design patterns, etc., I learned all of them in private courses or online to not stay behind the CS grad competition in knowledge).
Grateful for some insight into the Game engineering market and the demand.
I should mention that I have 2 years of industry experience. Besides going to university I work as a Development Tester for big AAA company. (Which also showed me that one does not want to work in AAA but rather in a nice AA or B dev projects… people crunch, are unhappy, games are boring and the technology is most of the time clunky, poor and tied to outdated workflows for proprietary reasons)

I don’t think you’d need to limit yourself, if you can do some coding in C++ in UE4 you can probably get a handle on doing C# in Unity pretty quickly