Which Solution Configuration in VS should I build to match Epic Game Launcher version

UE4 recently announced the official Leap Motion plugin which needs to be built from Source.
I have downloaded UnrealEngine-4.7.2-release from GitHub and try to build the “development editor” version, however, the leapmotion plugin I built didn’t work on the 4.7.2 version installed by Epic Game Launcher.
Does anyone know which version other than “development editor” should work? Or anyway to build a workable plugin for Epic Game Launcher? Thanks in advance!


Hey Sphoenix-

There is another forum thread ([Plugin] Leap Motion - Event Driven - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums) that discusses using Leap Motion though the Launcher. The thread provides a download for the plugin as well as steps to get it setup. Hopefully this helps you get started in working with Leap Motion.



Hello Doug, thanks for the reply,

I have tried leap-ue4, it’s an unofficial one.
Since the official leap plugin is available only through source building, however, I can’t integrate the plugin I build from GitHub into the installed version through Epic Game Launcher, though both of them are marked version 4.7.2. I can only use the plugin with the UE4 I build from VS 2013. So I am wondering which version of build is used by “Unreal Game Lanucher”? Should I build “development editor” or “development” only? Any hint? Many thanks in advance!



Development Editor is the standard configuration. If you’re debugging, then you want Debug Editor but that requires running the engine from Visual Studio or Xcode.

The options are explained here:

Hello Jeff,

Thanks for the reply, I tried Development Editor build, and not using the Unreal Engine Editor I built, but simply copied the Leap Motion plugin I built directly to the installed version through Epic Game Launcher. However when I start Unreal Editor via Epic Game Launcher with Leap Motion plugin enabled, it said that I am using a different version of Unreal Engine 4, therefore failed to launch the Leap Motion plugin? Any thing else should I pay attention?