Which one is related to draw calls?

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I don’t know if I created this topic in correct location. If not, sorry for that.

My question is “which one is related to draw calls for a mesh?”. Number of material slots or number of materials which are used for a mesh? E.g. let’s say there is 2 meshes. One of them has 2 material slots and 2 different materials, the other has 2 material slots and just 1 material. (I know this doesn’t make sense but just for example). What are the numbers of draw calls in this example?

You get a draw call for each material. If a material slot doesn’t have a material applied then it would still count as a draw call to be able to render the blank material, but it shouldn’t increase if you have multiple empty material slots.

This might be a late reply but thank you :slight_smile: