Which Object to use for Cast To specific Widget

Dear Community,

I have a question how to refer a cast to specific Widget. I created the widget in level blueprint. I use a delegate in C++ that I have assigned from level blueprint only. This should call the Update UI function to show new value on my HUD.

The stuff from screenshot works fine but I think that the object node I connected to the “Cast to wUI” is wrong. I am new to unreal so I have troubles with this stuff.

What object is the correct one to connect to the Cast To wUI object node?


Thanks for your help.

You can delete the “Cast to wUI” node. You create a wUI Widget, which does not need to be casted.(It already IS a wUI)

Hi Raildex,

Thanks for reply. Ok I see it now. I can directly use reference (return value) from Create Widget connect to target of my wUI function.

Can someone please explain how I get the reference to this function “Update Leveltime” if I like to use it in another blueprint asset in my level?

I have heavy problems with this if I create my HUD in level blueprint (there I have the reference) and later try to call functions from the widget from any other blueprint in my level.

Thanks in advance.