Which Landscape Tool Do You Prefer? Why?

So I’m on the fence. I’m torn between Procedural Nature Pack or Landscape Auto Material. I like Procedural Nature Pack due to the spline usage. I mean, making streams and waterways that easily with auto reactive waterfalls…come on! How cool. But Procedural Nature Pack seems to be better quality and more traditional in the sense of what I’m used to like the Creation Kit by Bethesda. They really need to join forces and mix PNP and LAM.

Help me decide!

having used the former and taken some long looks under the hood of the latter:

  • PNP can’t be baked because splines, and there are a few qwirks in some of the water materials. but it did teach me a lot about splines and the assets are super high quality (in both aesthetics and computational requirements).
  • LAM is basically just a bunch of assets (that have been hacked on to a material node that really shouldnt be used for that purpose). It’s a complete mess. Don’t use that in a production environment. but the assets are good.

these are asset packs, treat them as such. It’s better for you to sit down and learn how they do what they do (and then do it yourself) than it is to get them and expect to know how to use them.

tl;dr - they arent landscape tools. they are toys to show to your friends but then not actually use in a development environment without some ***heavy ***editing, and if you know enough to be able to edit them then you know enough that you won’t spend the money on it.

Those are just my thoughts.