Which gun should I buy for my AI?

So I have been learning unreal for a few months now and I’m at the point where I’m about to attach a weapon to my AI so he can start shooting, however I’m not sure which type of gun I should get at the marketplace. What I need is a gun with a particle emitter (muzzle flash) on the end of the barrel. I see that there are some weapons which apparently don’t come with that, and then there’s some that do but they’re attached to “arms”. This is probably a dumb question but they can be unattached from the arms, right? I thought I’d ask since I will be spending money on them. Thanks.

why don’t you just get and use the gun/assets out of the shooter demo that’s free from epic games?

you can download that in the learn tab…

if you must buy some weapons id recommend this >> Sci Fi Weapons Dark in Weapons - UE Marketplace

I have it and its pretty great weapons particles sounds animations all rolled into 1!

Create a custom gun using any modelling tool of UR choice.

Thanks for the replies, I just ended up using a gun that came with an animation pack I bought. thsi might be a good website if U wanna buy something just a small suggestion pal. :slight_smile: