Which cpu should i get?

Hi everyone I am planning to upgrade my old i5 2400 to either a i7 4790k or a 5820k. I am leaning quite heavily toward 4790k because of how much cheaper it would be to upgrade. I have heard though that 6 cores makes a large difference for Unreal. So I was wondering if the extra 300 bucks because of ddr4 ram and new mobo would be worth it. I also already have 24 gb of ram that can not be used if I get a 5820k.

I am also not sure if I even need a new cpu it feels like I do because it is starting to max out quite often and is a bit slow on building lighting.

Thanks very much in advance!

i7 4790k is more than enough

Thanks, I am using this computer to do the final light build will that still cut it? Does anyone else have any other options thanks.

hi all

Just a thought & My 2 cents worth.

I would go with the 6 core. the 3 hundred you spend now May save yopu some money later-on

Not knowing what technology (think I spelled that right) is coming down the road in the next few years. You may wish you had the 6 core. if you need it you’ll have to spend more money now to get it. but if you have it already you just saved your self some money. if not? you still have it.
I’m going with a 6 or 8 core in my new one. It will be some time before that happens.

If you have the money go for it. if not get the best you can. (I can still use my computer for now a little slow but I can live with it. so I’m saving my penny’s so I can get me something that will last for a awhile. (If that’s possible)

Food for thought. hope it helps.

Traditional thinking states that higher clocks over thread count will help since only one thread is typically used for game rendering, and in those cases software not written for multiple threads will definitely benefit from the higher clock of the 4790k. But I believe some improvements have been made to the way the engine disperses tasks across the CPU, so having more threads may or may not be beneficial for performance. But Lightmass uses all threads except one for building lighting, so in the case of lightmass, the more threads, the merrier.

I tend to go the cheaper route and then upgrade more often. In a few years, a computer that’s even better than the 5820k might come out for an even cheaper price, and then you’ll be kicking yourself for spending so much on it now. 2020 will be the best year to upgrade because that’s when we’re scheduled to reach the atomic limit in transistor size, and every upgrade from now until then will just exponentially improve your power.

But as always, GPU is much more important for rendering than CPU. You can game effectively on a good i5, or any i7. But if you want to run the Kite Demo, you need a Titan Black or a GTX 980 Ti.

cpu improvements have been complete **** in the last couple of years… and intel seem determined to stiff consumers with limited number of cores unless you want to bleed your wallet… I would think maybe 6-8 cores might be the norm for x86 now, but here we are still getting shafted with 2-4 cores… Laptops are even worse, 3years ago an I5 came with 4cores, now you look at similar priced laptops and you’re seeing i5 with 2cores lol… while 6cores desktop intel cpu’s is some major premo ****.

honestly a 5year old i5 any gen, overclocked is still better than the overpriced **** out now…

I can only hope AMD have better cpu’s out this/next year… Intel sitting on a consumer shafting monopoly and if you think that’s worth funding to some piddly 20% improvement well have fun.

ebay older gen 6core xen/i7 cpu’s are also worth considering for budget, ddr4 is a sad joke and hardly worth it as is the quality of the mobos out now.

beside who wants to fund a scumpany like intel who cut 12000 staff while have similar number h1b visa applications :smiley: … oh and they like to send ****** cpu updates via winshi10 **** autoupdates for anyone who thought buying a shitlake cpu to overclock only to find an MS update nerfed the gains.

intel screw em.

Atleast you still get meaningful gains from gfx card makers, imagine if they took intel strategy of trying to limit the number core transistors :smiley: we’d still be playing games with 2010 gfx.