Which approach, UMG or meshes?

I am a beginner. Despite my research and my foray into learning Unreal, I can’t decide if I want to try and create my project primarily with UMG or using meshes. My project consists mostly of using the cursor for clicking and dragging math symbols and variables around and manipulating an algebraic equation that dominates the center of the screen. From what I understand UMG would be fairly useful for all the positioning, spacing of the math terms, and working in an environment that is primarily button-like. My reservations with this approach is that I feel I would end up being limited with my ability to make it aesthetically pleasing. Using meshes (the math symbols) with dynamic lighting and particle systems, etc…

So far I have focused my learning on the UMG system but I worry about future roadblocks.

Do you think that using meshes to try and create all these moving pieces and being able to update their appearance (changing to different numbers as math operations are applied) would be possible? Would it be possible but highly difficult? I don’t know if there is even a way to dynamically render text to a mesh or not, but I would appreciate being able to do more with lightning effects later if I so choose. Can you dynamically render text to a mesh?

What do you think would be a better approach?

(I realize Unreal might not be the ideal program to complete this project but I want to use this project to help me learn more about Unreal so I can make an actual game later on.)