Where's the best place to start?

I honestly don’t know how to get into programming and Unreal and all that. I’ve done baby programs, like GameMaker and such. Where’s the best place for me to start? I’ve got myself the visual studio and all that, but after that point, i’m just a bit in confusion. I want to know how to get myself onto the foundation and stuff, where i can understand what i’m doing.

I learned by creating a Empty C++ Unreal project. Then looking at the C++ First Person Shooter example and brought over whatever functionality needed. After that just googling whatever needed.

Alrighty! I’ll try that!

Here are some tutorials for UE4 C++ programming:…tPersonShooter…e-4-c-tutorial

For learning basic C++, you might want to read up some basic tutorials, like here

This is a nice site for programming c++ online, just to try out some basic code (if you don’t want to compile your game every time you want to test simple functions for errors):

Before even touching any code I would devote some one~two months to understand in full what a “UObject” really is, why EpicGames setup it the way it is and how all that is determined by “OOP” rules.

I recommend just jumping into it. Look up a tutorial that shows you how to make a small little game in something easier like Java. Once you watch them build the framework of the game (don’t copypaste code, copy it manually), change things here and there. Learn what this and that is. Make something simple like an Asteroids clone, then build on top of it with new knowledge until the game turns out entirely different.

After that is when I recommend attempting to touch UE4 with C++. If you want to learn off of UE4, then it’s entirely possible. Just beware that switching from UE4 with C++ might be strange.