Where/what is character movement component?

I’m told that I can (possibly) change friction from Character Movement Components.

But where is it? WHAT is it? I need help, I’m new to Unreal Engine.

What I want to do is disable friction from my collision box, where can I do that?

Well MovementComponents are components that handle movement of objects. In your case you should locate the blueprint you are after, I guess it will we a character blueprint. In this blue print just open the ‘components’ tab in to top right corner and click on the movement component(if this particular blueprint has one).
Now go to the details panel and change the values you want.

I noticed that my blueprint doesn’t have movement component. Can I add it?

I tried copy/pasting it from another projects blueprint but it gave some errors.

Create a new blueprint extending from Character instead of Pawn, you’ll notice that it comes with the CharacterMovement component.

(Character is a subclass of Pawn, let me know if you don’t find it :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the help, but it turns out that CharacterMovement is for walking and such, and my character doesn’t use it, since it’s just a collision sphere.