Where to store flat database files?

Now, I’m probably overthinking things, but I have this problem of finding the place to store a flat data file. Now, I’m not going to get into the details, for it would take to long to read; but think of it like this: “it’s how I want to code my files… my passion, perhaps”

So here’s the thing. I plan on making a code for storing flat data by using fin and fout. As simple as that. But my overthinking skills tell me something will go wrong with the stored location when I cook the game and release it…
So here’s my question: Where should one place flat files containing data that has nothing to do with the save system? Think of it like a flat data about a number of items that Bob the salesman can possibly have for sale. Where should I place these files? I’d like them to follow the “installed directory”. Note that I’m not concerned about the user messing around these files… if the user does, it’s just a sign of a future to be programmer :slight_smile: