Where to Start?

Hi UE4 Users

I’ve been learning Python at school but really want to get into C++ to use with some of my projects in UE4. I use a website called Code Avengers for Python which has been amazing. What I want to know is if there is anything similiar for C++? Code avengers do not offer C++ sadly.
I have looked at the getting started stuff for UE4 but all it teaches you to do is make a static mesh bob up and down.


On the wiki there are some good stuff, but sometimes a bit outdated…

I have a few C++ articles on my blog: My stuff is more intermediate level, not beginning. There are plenty of other tutorial sources as well. I use this site a lot for C++.

I’m not sure that UE4 is the best place to start with C++, it’s probably better to start just with console programs.