Where to start with UE4

Background, I know C++, it’s my main language alongside Lua and I’ve been programming in it for several years now, however I never really used Unreal Engine but it seems like the best option as a game developer other than making my own engine.

(I don’t wish to use blueprints)

From a complete beginner regarding everything UE4, where should I start and how can I get good and fluent with this, I doubt memorizing every single detail in the documentation is the way to go, I’m kind of inexperienced when it comes to learning a whole API and culture from the beginning, other than when I was a kid on roblox and eventually memorized there whole API in and out, which I obviously moved away from.

Since then I’ve learned languages and several libraries, and can do basically anything by documentation, however I assume with this it will only get me so far,

It will probably take several months, but, what I’m asking for is an advice/plan for getting to know all the kinks of UE4 in and out and how to utilize them a good way, perhaps to achieve this should I start with small projects and procedural attempt larger and more complex ones? It just now occurs to me through all my life of experience I’ve never attempted anything like this before hahah

If you could share where you started and how you grew, and your suggestions for me, please do, thanks <3