Where to start with this? [Game Development questions]

Hi guys,

I just downloaded the UE and I´ve never made something like this.
I´d love to make a DragonBall Fight Game for iOS in the highest resolution (running on the best iPhones?). If it isn´t too difficult…

I´m imagining a gameplay maybe like DragonBallZ Budokai 2.
But only with a little single fight mode: Choosing a character and a COM character with different selectable strongness levels, different places to fight.
I know it will take time and that´s okay.

But my question is: Where to start? There are so many things to do.

Greetings from Germany

Hi Max,

I would first start out by checking the Epic youtube channel, there are so many tutorials on there it will keep you busy for a long time, and you will learn so much :slight_smile:

start off with one of the intros to the editor, then move onto some of the other tutorials. Have fun learning :slight_smile: