Where to get Unreal 4.14

I am using Windows 7.

Every link I follow ends up taking me to an MSI setup file which wants to repair my 4.13.2 installation!

Do I need Windows 10?

Open the Epic Game Launcher, click on the Library tab in the left column and select Add Versions next to the Engine Versions at the top. You then select 4.14 from the choices.

This will install 4.14 side by side with 4.13.2.

You need to install the Epic Games Launcher, then from there there’s the Unreal Engine tab and you can select which version of the engine to install. The versions are not available in an installer by themselves, they have to be installed from the launcher.

There shouldn’t even be any MSI setup files. I would be quite wary of those, they are unofficial.


Thank you all for the support. I did not see “Add version”. It is weird how the human mind filters what the eye looks at :smiley:

Reminds me of Dr. Who (Perception Filters)