Where to create a Mecurial Repository for your UE4 Project

Hey all,

I’ve been looking into setting up a Mecurial/TortoiseHG server for my project but I’m a little confused as to where to create the repository. UE4 requires that all project files go into Documents/Unreal Projects so should I create the repository there? Seems like it’s not the best place for it. I was thinking maybe to create the repository in my project directory on another drive and then creating a symbiotic link back to the Unreal Projects folder would be better.

Is there anyone else using Mecurial who could give me some insight into their respository location?


You don’t necessarily have to place your unreal projects in Documents/Unreal Projects. Each new project you make will make a new folder for itself. That folder can be moved to wherever.

Oh really? I thought they all had to go there. So if I move the location it’s self contained? Just right click on the project file and launch? That’s good to know. And to think I’ve been using the engine since beta and didn’t know this.