Where To Call Set Static Mesh Function

Hey Y’all,

I was going through some tutorials online and I understand how to use the Set Static Mesh Function, but apparently I’m having an issue with how to get it to call correctly.
I have tried using it in the level BP, I’ve also tried using it in the BP of a pawn which is what I learned from online. Here’s the BP I made which I believe is correct but I’m struggling to understand where to call it. I can put this in the level BP and the print string happens fine, but not the SSM function. Of course in the Cube_Swap BP the print string does not execute. What is the preferred place to call this function?

Thanks for any help in advance!

So, I made the function get called on the event begin play and it functioned, so what I guess needs to happen is I need to get the player controller? Is that the right direction?

I just learned that I needed to enable input on the actor class, this works fine now